JCF #55 The second view

What is the second view?

Some examples (unintentionally)
In 2009 I have vised Nepal. I put sone pictures on Flickr. Chris tell me, “Someone’s pushing a cart into his ear… ;)”

Ascetic ?

Some time later, I look the follow picture and I see the “dragon” or dove (right top ). You take the picture, baut you see not the details? (click this pic for large view)

Some examples (intentionally)
I take some picture. I love reflection. I see me in the  window. I have a little camera. I make the shot. I have used analog film. After the development . I see some thing more. I love this picture (click this pic for large view).

The follow picture – full  reflection …and the second view …


Beautiful sea view … second view the people left ..

Ocean view


Each photo has a second view. This may be intentional or accidental. The art is to keep the focus. (Not just tunnel vision when photographing p.e. Someone’s pushing a cart into his ear …). The art is to keep the presence. In the here and now to be. (see p.e. the pictures with preflection or the man and the sea.)

I hopefull you takea many pictures with TSV (the second view not with TSV tenosynovitis)!

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