JCF #72 Final Cut Pro X – wrong gamma ???

I think the new program Final Cut Pro  X (1.0) is one of the fastest video program I have  seen.  It’s amazingly. But. it’s a new program. It’s not a update by FCP 7.0. I hope Apple makes FCPX 1.0 better (not near iMovie, near FCP).
Many people write about FCPX (1.0).  I have found one blog-article by Chris Marquardt “Final Cut Pro X – wrong gamma in viewer?.

So, I repeat his FCP test. I  used a Macbook Pro 15″ (2.2GHz; 8GB). Test by Chris Marquardt (I have modify left buttom picture; orginal “the storyline preview thumbnails as automatically rendered by FCP X” ).


  • Left top: the source clip in Quicktime X, as shot with a Canon 5DMkII
  • Left bottom: tree clips in one
  • Right bottom: the clip in Quicktime X after exporting it to ProRes422.
  • Right top: the preview in the FCP X viewer. Clearly not matched.

The Mac display profile are MacBook Pro (D65 G2.p2 A0.00). I see the results – All the same. If some will testing … the test sequence (Canon 5DMKII – 5.6 MB).

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One Response to JCF #72 Final Cut Pro X – wrong gamma ???

  1. ronfya says:

    I did the same experiment with VLC, MPlayer, QT7, QTX, Premiere CS5.5 & FCPX.
    The gamma is all over the place.
    For what it’s worth, my conclusion is that QTX & FCPX are both displaying the video in the same way but with the wrong gamma.

    VLC, MPlayer, Premiere are quite ok.
    QT7 is ok with export from premiere & wrong with exports from FCPX (unless the “enable FC Studio compatibility”preference is checked).


    Very weird, but I would be happy if anyone has a solution to this.

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