#JCF117 Lightpainting

Étienne-Jules Marey and Georges Demeny first met when Demeny enrolled in a physiology course being taught by Marey. The soon became close associates. Together they established a programme of research which was to lead to the creation of the ‘Station Physiologique’, which opened in 1882 in the Bois de Boulogne. Marey and Demeny developed several photographic techniques to study the movements of everything from humans to horses.

In 1889 Demeny attached incandescent bulbs to the joints of an assistant and created the first known light painting photograph “Pathological Walk From in Front”. Source lightpaintingphotography.com

1889 Demeny “Pathological Walk From in Front”

Now 125 years later with most more opportunities.  In last year one kickstarter project named  pixelstick. Put 200 full color RGB LEDs in a stick. And you have a pixelstick.  You must prepare your pictures; max high are 200 pic. An you can start. Or you use the demo mode.

Paint with light 10 © John C. Fera 2014

Paint with light 09 © John C. Fera 2014

Paint with light 08 © John C. Fera 2014

Or you can write text 😉

Paint with light 04

Or you can use your pictures.

Paint with light 03 © John C. Fera 2014

Paint with light 05 © John C. Fera 2014Paint with light 06 © John C. Fera 2014

You can walk slow and fast. P.e. pictures (original picture by Chris Marquardt, 2004)

Paint with light 02 © John C. Fera 2014Paint with light ß1 © John C. Fera 2014

Tipp: Best you work with a assistant. For this first pictures I use a DLSR in manual mode,; self-timer; F 11; T between 5 and 15 sec. Don’t forgot a lamp.

With pixelstick this is one very light way to take light-painting.
See  lightpaintingphotography.com;  for the way to take light-painting.

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